I’m selling this bass on Ebay. 

I’ve had this beauty for a number of years after a late night session on ebay. It’s served me well since then. However, between my many 4 strings and my two doubles basses I don’t have any need for a 6 string anymore. So, rather than it collecting dust I’ve decided to find a new home for it. It’s a luthier built instrument and pretty unique – have you ever heard of a bass with 29 frets before? Plenty more stats on the ebay link below but, do feel free to message me here with any questions. I’d also welcome any serious bidders who want to try it out in person in the Edinburgh area. What do you think about the spalted maple top?






I’ve been continuing to tweak the website to improve the experience for you, the viewer. The most recent improvements are the newly updated images. In this are also some shots of the gear I’m currently using. I plan to make a more detailed page covering each instrument but for now you have the pics to check out. If you want to know anything in particular then just drop a comment here or email me from the contact page and I’ll be happy to help you out.



The Blueswater UK Tour April 2017

Greetings all. It’s with great pleasure that I first announce The Blueswater will return to the road and tour the UK from 13th to 26th April. Sadly, however, due to my commitments at Napier University (the imminent completion of my honours year) I will have to sit this one out. Juggling university and touring with a band over the last 3 years has been very challenging and I’ve missed a number of great shows to date. I did have the pleasure of spending 2 weeks on the road with them last October, so I can’t wait for the next one round mainland Europe coming up in June (more info coming soon on that). A particular highlight for me is always Matt & Phreds, Manchester as it reminds me of The Jazz Bar, Edinburgh, that we get to play in regularly. Both lovely venues, and speaking of which, we will be playing there (including me) Sat 4th March from around midnight! Hope to catch some of you there and if you happen to be at any shows I miss in April then party hard on my behalf!!

P.S. If you have friends in any of the areas listed then please let them know about the shows!

Thanks kindly,


Latest from The Blueswater.

Over the last seven years The Blueswater have featured a number of fantastic backing singers in our ‘blues-based edu-tainment’ show Blues!  Of these, Nicole Smit has been delivering some incredible vocals during her feature song each summer at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival. I think it was a couple years ago when she took the third song in the set and sang St. Louis Blues that all of us knew, right there and then, that she had to have her own show.

The following year (2015) Nicole sang the Nina Simone classic, ‘Do I Move You’ and we were equally blown away. From here we really had no choice but to move forward with creating the brand new show Queens of the Blues. Despite the logistical nightmare of running two different shows back to back every night for a month in two different venues we pressed on and the team pulled together to make it happen.

Today the band released footage from 2015 as part of a promotional drive for the new venture. The footage you see below  was recorded by our resident master of photography Diego Almazán. Last but not least though, Jim Shemilt, our in house sound engineer recorded and mixed everything you hear in the video. It’s worth mentioning that the whole stage (literally every cable, amp, instrument, mic etc that you see) and desk were rigged from scratch within a 10 minute window just before show time. How Jim was able to take care of the live sound and rig all the extra stuff for recording in that time is beyond my comprehension. This guy has some serious skills!

Anyway, without further ado, here are The Blueswater ft. Nicole Smit performing ‘Do I Move You’ by Nina Simone.

If you like what you hear please do all the liking and sharing stuff on facebook or twitter, and follow the bands youtube channel. If you have any suggestions for songs you would love to hear the band perform in the future then leave your suggestions here too!

Thanks for reading and listening.

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I’m rebloging this from Olaf Furniss’ website as it details plans to close down yet another loved and well used music venue in Edinburgh and repurpose it as an art gallery. I think the Fruit Market Gallery is an asset to the city so perhaps, as has been suggested by some already on social media, the expanded gallery could contain a multi purpose space suitable for live music and other artist expression – something along the lines of the CCA in Glasgow. I would be interested to hear any other thoughts on the subject. Thanks to Olaf for sharing this in the first place.

Olaf Furniss

The link below provides details of plans to close Edinburgh music venue The Electric Circus,  in order to facilitate the expansion of the Fruit Market Gallery.


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First blog post from Ewan Gibson Music 

Hi and welcome to Ewan Gibson Music. This is the new home for everything relating to Ewan and his musical pursuits.  The site is brand new and will be updated over the coming weeks with everything from video lessons to touring updates,  new music videos, and more. If there are specific things you would like to see on here then leave a comment  or use the contact page. Why not check out ewan on facebook as well or any of the other social media you can find on here! Look forward to hearing from you soon.